How to set the time reading function of ByVoice, which reads notifications aloud.

ByVoice, which reads notifications, has the ability to read the current time at every hour. It's one of the features that many of ByVoice users love.

In this article, we'll look at how to do that. It's very simple and easy to follow.

First, find and tap the "Time" icon in the "What to read" category on the main screen. Then, the screen to set the function to read the 'time' will appear.

You can also tap each item on the screen to customize how each time is read.

For example, you can set '00: 00 'to read 'Midnight 'and '12: 00' to read 'Noon'. You can set the text of each item to preferred text.

Of course, the time reading function is affected by the 'Do not disturb' setting, so please use it with caution.

You can download and install the ByVoice app from following url:


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