ByVoice, the best app that read notifications aloud in Android world.

Introducing the features of the best app, ByVoice, which read notifications by voice. What features are there?

Read incoming call

This function reads the caller name or phone number of an incoming call.

  • Note: This feature is only supported under Android Oreo (Android 8).

Read notifications of various apps such as Messages, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

  • You can choose which apps you want ByVoice to read notifications. 
  • You can set ByVoice to read the app by renaming it. 
  • You can adjust the number of characters in the notification to be read. 
  • While ByVoice is reading a notification, you can clear it or open the app to stop reading it. 
  • Notifications that do not have text to read can prevent ByVoice from reading them. 
  • You can prevent ByVoice from reading notifications for apps you're currently using. 
  • For apps that display too many notifications, you can have ByVoice read the notification only once every few seconds. 
  • Notifications with certain words you don't like can be blocked from reading by ByVoice. 
  • You can have ByVoice read another word for something you don't like. 
  • When a notification occurs, you can have ByVoice delay a few seconds before reading it.

Read time

You can have the time read every hour on time, and you can change the time to words like noon and midnight.

Read power and battery status

  • The status can be read when the power is connected or disconnected. 
  • You can have ByVoice read the current battery status. 
  • You can have ByVoice read the amount of remaining battery.

When to read notifications

  • You can have ByVoice read the notification when a Bluetooth earphone (headset) is connected. 
  • You can have ByVoice read notifications when wired earphones are connected. 
  • You can have ByVoice read notifications when connected to certain Wi-Fi. 
  • You can always have ByVoice read your notifications regardless of your Bluetooth, wired earphone or Wi-Fi connection status. 
  • You can have ByVoice decide whether to read notifications based on ringtone mode. 
  • You can prevent ByVoice from reading notifications at certain times. 
  • Turn your phone upside down to stop ByVoice from reading the notification you are currently reading or no reading at all.


  • You can either follow the volume setting of your system or use the volume of ByVoice itself. 
  • You can use different volume depending on the connection status of Bluetooth device and wired earphone.

There are so many features, right?

Perhaps most users will be able to meet their requirements.

You can download and install the ByVoice app from the following link:


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